GSOC 2018 with OpenMRS and mUzima

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I’m really proud getting selected as a student for Google Summer of Code 2018. This is my second time got select GSoC with OpenMRS. This time I will work with both OpenMRS organization and mUzima organization. This will be a really impressive experience for me in my life.

My experience with OpenMRS was started at 2015, When I was beginning of my opensource software developer carrier path, I heard about OpenMRS organization from my brother. Since knowing about the organization, I started working with the community, When my first GSoC project discussion period at 2015, Sashrika gave a lot of motivations and guidelines to contribute to the organization. I would like to give my special thanks for “Sashrika Waidyarathna“, he is my turning point on the OpenMRS. Since starting my project at OpenMRS, Harsha Kumara helped me a lot to get through some difficult tasks. Thank you very much, Harsha!. Also, I like to thanks to Judy Gichoya, Suranga Kasthurirathne, and Daniel Kayiwa! and every other member of the organizations to success my previous GSoC project and other works!

At the beginning of the GSoC 2018 project, I have worked on both Apache and OpenMRS project to getting selected GSoC project. In the Apache organization, I have prepared my works on Tomcat project. It’s project about creating AJP client and Command line tool. I would like to thanks for having a nice interview with Mark Thomas. At the GSoC 2018 project discussion period I worked with “Merge Patient data from Multiple Installations” project. However, I think Samuel Male is the right person for that GSoC project. I would like to wish for him and other GSoC students!

Finally, I have selected “Patient Merge Enhancement” project. Thanks, very much Daniel FutermanSimon Savai, and Ada Yeung to getting selected me for this project. Thank you very much OpenMRS for selecting me as a student!.


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